badania gleby w laboratorium


Geoprojekt Szczecin ground – chemical laboratory is in possession of the following devices:


  • triaxial shear test apparatus with pore pressure measurement
  • the box apparatus for determining cs and φs with direct shear test
  • oedometrs (12 items) with the maximum load of 400 kPa
  • mechanical Proctor apparatus for obtaining optimum moisture content and maximum dry unit weight
  • Cassagrande apparatus for determining liquid limit
  • two sieve shakers with full set of sieves of 200 and 300 mm diameter
  • Kamieński’s cell and K605-A apparatus for permeability tests
  • Corfield apparatus for determining corrosion risk of soil
  • pocket devices:
    • pocket vane torque TV do for determining shear strength of soil τf
    • pocket penetrometer PP for determining soil cohesion cu


And basic laboratory equipment such as laboratory dryer, heating panel, electronic balances and roasting furnace (800ºC).