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Wind farm in the vicinity of Porzecze

Geoprojekt Szczecin Ltd. executed geological investigation for establishing geological – engineering conditions in the substratum of designed 15 wind turbines and access roads
the vicinity of Porzecze. There were performed drillings, CPTU probing and seismic SDMT tests.

Modernization of Mieszko hospital in Kamien Pomorski

Geoprojekt Szczecin Ltd. conducted complete geotechnical and geological – engineering investigation for modernization of hospial “Mieszko” in Kamień Pomorski. Within the frame of executed works there were prepared soil investigation report and geological – engineering report. Moreover because this structure is located in mining area, which cover almost whole city, it was necessary to prepare schedule for mining works.


Wind Farm Boręty

Geoprojekt Szczecin Sp. z o.o. executed geotechnical study in the substratum of designed wind farm Boręty in malborski county.


Geological study for Zakątki Wodne

Geoprojekt Szczecin Sp. z o.o. executed geological investigation for preparing Geotechnical Opinion for establishing ground usability for project “Zakątki Wodne” on Dąbie Lake in Szczecin. Within the framework of field works there were executed onshore and offshore drillings.


Wind farms in commune Postomino


Geoprojekt Szczecin Ltd. prepared Soil Investigation Reports for 41 designed wind turbines of wind farms Marszewo and Pieńkowo I and II in the vicinity of Marszewo and Pienkowo in commune Postomino. The scope of work included drillings, CPTU tests and pressuremeter tests as well as seisminic cone tests SCPTU tests to establish values of deformation paramreters in-situ.