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CPT/CPTU STATIC CONE PENETROMETER 200kN/TR GEOMIL The penetrometer 200 kN/TR manufactured by Dutch company GEO...

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usługi geologiczno – inżynierskie


This natural science that studies the construction , ownership and history of the Earth's crust and the processes and phenomena occurring inside the Earth and on its surface , so that it undergoes changes. As a self-study geology existed since the eighteenth century. The results of the various departments of geology core are used for practical purposes in the so-called . applied geology - ( m . in . geology , hydrogeology and engineering geology ) .

zdjecie_ofertaHaving at its disposal a variety of own test equipment, rich files of geological reports, and first of all qualified and experienced staff of geologists and field workers “Geoprojekt Szczecin” is able to take on and solve – efficiently and on time – a wide range of geological problems. Famous for their high quality and careful graphic design “Geoprojekt Szczecin”‘s elaborations are prepared on requests in English. Conclusions and recommendations they include enable designing and performing earth and foundation works of any structure in both economical and safe way.

Ordered studies are conducted with the use of wide range of high-tech equipment. We have at our disposal several drilling machines that enable the use of various drilling methods like cased, uncased drilling and core drilling, various types of probes (DPL, DPM, DPSH, SLVT and CPT), pressuremeters, ground and chemical laboratory, specialist software and experienced personnel.

Do not hesitate to contact us to determine the scope of work, our employees will help you choose the scope of work necessary for sufficient geological investigation considering economic calculations.



“Geoprojekt Szczecin” prepares number of reports regarding ground and water conditions in substratum of designed or existing buildings, therein:

  • geological works programmes for geological – engineering and hydrogeological investigations,
  • geological – engineering reports for building design,
  • geotechnical reports for building purposes,
  • hydrogeological reports for investments that can bring negative environmental impact, reports for wells and observation wells,
  • expert opinions and reports (e.g. regarding the causes of building damages)
  • foundation trench commissioning;
  • inspections of soil compaction;

All the reports are prepared according to current Geological and mining law, valid standards and also the Act of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy dated 25th of April 2012 on „establishing geotechnical conditions of building structure foundation” (Dz. U. 2012 pos. 463).